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Jim Lea on stage at The Robin2, Bilston – 5th November 2017.  (c) russ myners 2017


The one and only – Jim Lea

It was recently a privilege to attend a `one-off` event in the Midlands for a rare appearance of Jim Lea of Slade.

The original band member, who co-wrote all their music over 25 years, was making only his second official public appearance on a stage since 1991 to launch his recently released DVD.

Jim was not scheduled to play due to his ongoing health problems, and the afternoon was officially a Q & A event. However, as the event was coming to a close, he popped off stage “to get something”, and returned with his Fender plugged in!

So a chance to photograph (and video) one of my musical heroes of all time, and despite the limited make-do camera angles between heads and excited fists, I managed to get a few memorable images from something that will probably never happen again. One of my images is in fact on Jim`s website (used with permission).

A world away from photography from Hides and sitting for hours on the cliffs of Gower, this has to be one of the highlights for me of 2017.





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