winter birds

waiting for these guys:


November, the first frosts, and on the lookout now for the return to the local area of one of my favourite raptors, Hen Harrier.

Fabulous birds that come down from the moors to the coastal saltmarsh in the winter, the male being a ghost-like grey. It makes of hours of waiting in often bitter winds pay off.

The female `Ring-tail` will often drift in and out of the area and at a more sedate pace to that of the male bird, but these winter visitors are something special to watch and photograph.

One of the other birds I am hoping to photograph again is Short Eared Owl. Like the Hen Harriers, they move down to the coastal marshes, burrows and rough-grassed areas in the winter, and (if lucky) can be seen hunting in daylight.

Again stunning birds, with exceptional hearing, you have to be very patient, still and quiet if one is in the vicinity.  Never any guarantees, and the habitat has to be a good location for voles in particular, but always as chance once the weather has been cold for a run of a few days.

Fingers crossed!!








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