back on the cliffs

a freezing cold day:

Female Kestrel in the shadows – Gower peninsula, S.Wales – 1 Dec 2017

Yesterday saw me back on the North Gower coastline on a beautiful but bitterly cold day.

Arriving much later than normal, it was still only 1C at 10am, but with a windchill of -7C the day was always going to be a numbing one as the area I was watching would be exposed to the NE wind all day.

Although wildlife appears more sparse now at the onset of winter, my main aim was to catch up with the Kestrels again following their dispersal after breeding season.

Photography turned out to be extremely difficult most of the time as the coastline on the northern side was naturally in shadow, and most of the photo-ops were in this shade – and of course from a distance!

The perching shots were nearly all in these shadows, but the this in itself gave a much “colder” impression than most of the other photography I had already carried out this year. In a way, the cool colour tones represented the natural feel of the environment on the day – very cold! On the opposite side of the peninsula of course it was sunny and out of the wind – feeling like Spring.

A good day all in all, even though the results were a bit different than normal, but so privileged to be there.




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