looking forward into 2018

are you planning ahead?

I`m really not sure where 2017 went. We probably all the say something similar, but with life being so busy the year seems to have flown by, and here I am thinking about ideas and projects for the year ahead.

Looking back there has been a good mix of photography over the last year, working on nature, landscape, business premises and Staff, and also dealing with building websites and providing imaging for these.

Working `on location` has also allowed me to witness some very privileged moments, including – as many of you probably know – photographing `eye-level` hovering Kestrels on the cliffs of South Wales, but also sharing knowledge and experience on group walks and one-to-one sessions.

2017 has however not been without it`s frustrations, including the 3 week website hosting issue in November, so it hasn`t all been plain sailing. However, a new year brings with it new opportunities, and I have some plans afoot.

First of all there are some plans that I put on the back-burner because of other things to concentrate on, such as the video blogging , print ordering and more stills photography.

Print ordering will be back up and running in 2018

Secondly, I plan to take forward my `Time for images ` arrangement for personal portfolio / model portfolio photography – a `non-studio` arrangement allowing clients to build an image gallery for personal or agency use (without the usual freedom of use restrictions). More information will be on the website soon.

Alongside these plans, I want to create and develop further business relationships with Hotels, Restaurants, marketing departments, Event coordinators, Tourist industry departments and other business representatives. This could include imaging for websites and social media. I am of course able to assist with looking after websites, which can link in with the photography.

There is a place for phone or tablet photos I know, but there definately is also a place – and often a need – for more dedicated photography, where exposure, composition and resolution are considered to create a high-quality end product for a client.

So in 2018 what are you planning or needing help with?

I would love to hear from you as and when you have a specific project or idea to discuss, some Agency work you need covering, or if you are interested in just having some personal photography carried out. Just get in touch via the Contact form.

I`m looking forward to hearing from you, and it the meantime would like to wish you all the very best for a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful 2018.





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