back in the wild

more Otter and Owl activity:


After a very busy last few weeks on a website build together with some personal commitments, it was good to get back out and track down some more Otter activity yesterday.

Although quite a distance from me, this Otter was one of two sightings I had yesterday – possibly the same one, but as the one seen later was calling there is of course the chance of two being around.

Very soon I will be back on my annual projects on the cliffs of Gower, and arranging a visit to Skomer Island off the West Wales coastline.

I have also been keeping an eye on Barn Owl activity for the WWT here in Llanelli.  The hunting seems to be going well with the amount of pellets that have been found, but details will remain off social media so that there is no disturbance.

This wonderful clean feather was retrieved last year.



More nature news soon.








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