Kestrels, Typhoons, and a few thousand Puffins

A busy ten days photography:

Early last week it was good to find out that the Kestrel family I had been monitoring for the last few months had produced two healthy young. They were beginning to show a little independence, so probably had fledged a couple of days before I was there.

At one point there had been concern (again) over disturbance by rock climbers, but I managed to get the assistance of the NT Gower Head Ranger to stop this for the few weeks around the time the birds would be adapting to the outside world.

A couple of days on Gower was closely followed by the Wales Airshow, with some excellent displays that included The Falcons, Red Arrows, Wing walkers, and many others including the Typhoon.

Back to this week, and I managed to get to Skomer Island off the Pembrokeshire coast to see the Puffins at The Wick.  There were many thousand, constantly back and forth to sea to bring back food for the Pufflings in the burrows.

Puffins can take and hold a number of Sand Eels in their beaks (see pic), but they are constantly under aerial threat from the gulls, some of which will try and steal aggressively straight from the Puffin. It`s a never ending battle, but a lot of food gets through.

Over this last ten days I have taken a huge amount of photos i`m still in the middle of sifting through, but this one above seems to have hit the mark on twitter. Thank you to everyone who has appreciated my images. 

Do I have a favourite from the thousands of images? Well that`s hard. Some of the Puffin images have come through better than I had even hoped, but it just has to be a Kestrel one for me. A coin-toss would be needed to make a final decision though!

Some recent images have been uploaded to just to give you an idea of things






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