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Heatwave and butterflies:


At the time of posting this there are signs on the horizon now of perhaps the end of the heatwave as we have known it. So unusual to have fine weather and high temperatures for so long, but I suppose we do now need the rain and a bit more of the `British stuff`. However, it`s been a good opportunity to photograph some butterflies whilst the weather is still ideal for them.

On and off over the last few weeks I have grabbed opportunities whenever possible, and conditions are right, to use smaller lenses on the butterflies that have seemed to have thrived in the less chilly and less damp conditions than our usual summers. One of my favourites is the Brimstone butterfly (above), but others such as the Common Blue and Green-veined are also “up there” for me. A change from the hours and hours put in to other nature projects over recent months – much more flexible!

More insect photography to grab before the end of the summer, so hope the weather doesn`t fall apart too much and spoil things too much!






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