personal photography

Moving on a bit from the wonderful heatwave this summer, it`s as good a time as any to remind everyone that you can book some personal photography with me. Whether you just want some images that can be used for your social media or private album, or whether you want to put together a portfolio or image gallery for a modelling task.

I use straight forward and very portable speedlite flash units with either reflective or white softening umbrellas if needed. If there is opportunity to use natural light there is even more control over exposure.

My main aim is to offer a service somewhere between the selfie and the often expensive session time in full blown studios. In other words, an affordable, friendly but professional service tailored to your needs.

Model release forms may need to be completed, but this would be dependant on your overall requirements.

Please get in touch via the contact form or call 07713 150783.


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