Autumn is here

Now officially autumn, it`s good to see the Bees still working hard visiting the remaining flowers and plants in our parks and countryside. A couple of recent visits to Parc Howard in Llanelli gave me the opportunity to watch these chaps as busy as ever, taking advantage of the mild temperature that is still with us.

The same park gave me the additional opportunity to photograph a Sparrowhawk last week that had just caught a Wood Pigeon. I had my much smaller 55-250mm lens on at the time, but there was still a chance to use the shadows of the surrounding treeline to manage to get a little closer to the action.

What struck me this time was how long the poor pigeon struggled, still alive – not the best way to go! Despite the restrictions,  I was quite pleased with the results after taking around a thousand images.

Nature photography can be both beautiful and brutal, and this `crime scene` is a good example of life (and death) in the raw.

Looking forward to shooting some fungi now soon, and keeping an eye out for the autumn arrivals. An interesting time of year.

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