close-up Kingfisher

… and probably will never be repeated!


After nearly twelve months of little opportunity of having any Kingfisher images of any quality, I was taken aback this last week when a Kingfisher perched close to me – while I was out in the open ! (There is a separate tweet about this, but worth repeating here).

I have been fortunate enough to have photographed Kingfisher a number of times of the last few years, but this last year in particular has been different. Some unsettled birds, quickly flying through, have been the main sightings, or they have remain more distant than you would like.

However, this week I was on the WWT Reserve at Penclacwydd near Llanelli carrying out some volunteering, which includes a count of species over the full Reserve. I was in the Reed bed area which leads to the canoe station when, while recording Gadwall and Little Grebe, a Kingfisher flew directly towards me, about a foot above the waterlevel, while I was stood there in the open.

I was fully expecting it so suddenly realise I was there, and divert off quickly. However, the Kingfisher flew into the small barren trees on the right bank only about 5 metres from me. Amazing experience, as normally you would need to be in the hide. It stayed there for nearly a minute looking both at me and down to the water.

I doubt whether a face-to-face in the open like that will ever happen again.



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