recent wildlife photography

Over the last couple of weeks i`ve been fortunate enough to have had a good mix of photography, along with spotting evidence of wildlife left in the snow. This included lots of prowling fox, and at least two areas of activity from Otters. There`s also been a build up again of traditional winter birds like Redwing, Siskin and Redpoll, a sign that things were going to get colder – and it did!

The previous week I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, with actual Otter sightings followed by a Fox drinking, plus glimpsing Harrier and Goshawk again.

With Spring not too far away, I will be back on the cliffs again soon around Gower. A recent visit was unfortunately spoilt by a number of dog owners allowing their dogs to be off leads, and occasionally bothering sheep (that will be lambing soon). After I was bothered the 7th time, it was time to pack up and leave!

Come on National Trust, clamp down on the problem of loose dogs and the drone flyers, as both are meant to be restricted there.

Point made I think!!