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Back on the road:

This last fortnight has seen the weather go from snow and ice to our mildest day of the year so far, and we`re still in February! Had the pleasure of coming across wild Otter a few times, Redpolls, Siskens, Redwings amongst the cast of characters. But for me it`s the start of observing the Kestrel activity on Gower here in South Wales, a stronghold for this wonderful bird.

For the past five years I have been watching and photographing these aerial masters, and must have taken thousands of images. Unfortunately these birds have declined significantly from the days you used to see them along motorways, dual-carriageways and almost everywhere else. These days they hang on in more undisturbed areas, and the rugged coastline of South Wales, just like North Wales and Cornwall, are a stronghold – and watching them using the updrafts from the sea in particular to hover is spectacular.

Part of my routine prior to carrying out any project in the field is checking and double checking weather, tides, wind direction and force, and of course cloud / light. It`s a case of getting multiple forecasts and double-checking them, and then of course taking plenty of supplies for possibly sitting still for many hours if necessary. I always work freehand in order to move quickly, and hopefully over the last few years it has paid off

Keep an eye on this news blog for news on my on-the-road wildlife photography, including the Kestrel project, throughout this year.


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