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You might have seen on this website that, before going freelance with my photography, I had a long career in administration and Practice Management. During this time I was also involved in a number of IT projects, and started web design in early versions of Hot Metal and Frontpage.

During my previous career, I was always keen to try and maintain high standards, whether preparing for audits, dealing with staff or simply communicating and liaising with partner businesses. I am regularly amazed and surprised by a number of businesses these days who do not act in a professional way, ignoring the importance of replying to clients, and how they present themselves online.

Whether firms are “too busy”, or simply feel as though they don`t need any help, quite often the evidence is there to see, and this can leave an impression on any proposed client.

As well as a range of photography I can offer a firm, I am available to accept enquiries for certain kinds of outsourced or project work. This could be something as straightforward but still important as keeping news blogs up to date (if they are not being done), up to being involved with assisting more complex projects `hands-on`. Outsourcing work can have the benefit of freeing up staff time for other things, and also ensuring work gets done that wouldn`t be done if not.

Some organisations get advice from Consultants who might charge hundreds of pounds per day, but still leave the work to be done to the firm to sort out!

If you are thinking of taking that route, but would still struggle to get the work sorted, get in touch to see if this is something I can help with at a more realistic cost.

Please get in touch using the CONTACT FORM on this site.