Update – 15 May 2019


Had an interesting last couple of weeks, including helping with the Dawn Chorus walk the other weekend (which was well received). Hopefully all those that attended benefited from the effort of getting up early and being ready to be out and about by 6am.

After an abortive attempt to get to Skomer on 3rd May, due to a late weather update bringing in strong winds in the afternoon, I finally got back there on 10th to try andtrack down the Short Eared Owls.

Following last minute advice, I decided to stay around the North valley area rather than head for The Wick (where most of the Puffin are), and after some time it paid off – sort of. Initial very distant views confimed at least three owls were around, and after a further hour and a quarter after that one appeared out of the bluebells and circled around, unfortunately mostly against the glare of the then bright overcast light.

Only a few other shots had any contrast, and the owl didn`t hang around, so photographically it was disappointing, but at least I had a good sighting. Back there again soon I hope.

This week I have been back on Gower which, due to a strong SE wind on the day, gave a change to the anticipated wildlife. I`m just hoping that the nesting birds haven`t been too disturbed by visitors and, in particular, dogs loose from their leads (a headache for me). Unfortunately owners don`t read or want to adhere to the signs. The use of drones and the like can also be a problem, and I have seen nesting birds becoming distressed by these. Enough said I think.

In between the wildlife photography I have again been trying to move forward with liaising with businesses, and almost all continue to fail to respond!

Quite amazing, but this is so common now.



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