`The Bell`


I have recently been on site to take some publicity photography of `The Bell`, a sound art installation project at the National Wetland Centre for Wales.

This project aims to draw attention to the warnings of environmental changes across the world, and the impact on wildlife. The WWT website explains:

“Inspired by the beautiful landscape of our wetlands, Dutch artist Bouke Groen has created this striking piece to capture the imagination of visitors and encourage them to engage in the debate around climate change, habitat loss and threats to biodiversity.”

It continues:

“The loud and long-ranging sound of a church bell tolling constantly has acted as an unignorable warning to people for centuries through wars, tragedy and terrible storms. The glass surrounding The Bell will dull the warning toll to the volume of a normal conversation, making the viewer feel intrigued as it becomes apparent that standing so close to a clanging bell should be unbearable and precede imminent danger.”

The Bell was installed last week and over looks one of the scrapes of the Millennium wetlands. More information is available on their website.


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