a fresh look for 2020?


Are you a business that is looking for a fresh look online for 2020? Do you have your current staff profile images up to date or, as is quite often the case, do they exist at all?? Will this be something that could be quickly overlooked again as the busy year takes hold?

Is this what you want to project? So common on websites!

A personal survey of a number of websites of businesses, just in the region where I live, show so many that have incorrect image resolution, content images that are significantly out of date, staff pages that either contain photos of key people that have moved on.

Most common of all, quite a significant amount of sites still have image `placeholders` alongside staff details after lengthy periods of time. This can send out the wrong signals of the professionalism you want to project to potential customers.

If you think it`s time to review your image online, whether with professional profiles or the quality of your overall branding , do get in touch via the contact page to arrange a chat, and to suggest some advice.

Thank you.