Corona Virus


Over the last week things have changed dramatically in the UK, and even worse globally. With having to postpone my own course, and put on hold some plans to do further things, it`s time to really take stock on how serious the situation is and what we should and shouldn`t do.

If you are one of the young photographers or naturalists that follows me on twitter, I would urge you to follow the official advice and stay at home if you can, or at least keep your distance and not be tempted to meet up with friends or socialise. I am saying this on my site following the images on the News of hundreds of people out and about in the sun, and having seen groups of children together following closure of the schools.

If you were planning photography there is plenty you can do or practise on in the garden, but if you have to go out make sure you `self-isolate`, go somewhere that is safe, and tell a family member where you are going. The preferable thing is to follow the official advice and not go out, and it could be that very shortly we won`t be allowed to anyway.

When I have been out doing some limited photography it has been by myself, to a place completely away from people, and straight in the car home. At the weekend I was at least a mile and a half from the closest person! I am now self-isolating.

Frustrating as it is, outdoor photography can wait. The Corona virus won`t. It is highly dangerous, developing into something never seen before.

Please stay safe, follow advice, don`t congregate with your friends, and remember that it has already spread to nearly 300,000 people in under three months, probably many more by the time you read this.

Look after yourselves and follow the official advice.

23 March 2020.