Garden photography – a project for lockdown

Well we`re now a few weeks on from the beginning of the lock-down, and although it`s probably a bit frustrating it is right to continue to hold on to our quarantine to get through this. So in the meantime what can we do from home?

Unfortunately we have very little birdlife in our back garden, not helped by Oreo the cat on patrol, but there are interesting things to look out for. So this week, following some heavy dew at the weekend, I did some macro photography of simple droplets (before the sun got to high), and pottered around until there was a good mix of subject matter.

This was a complete change from my normal telephoto shooting of course, just using natural light available.

If you are doing some macro photography it`s always best to try and get some angle on the light, again before it is too harsh, but sometimes any potential `harshness` can in itself be creative. On droplets you can look for reflection plus inner refraction, taking care not to blow the image with highlights that are too bright. The texture of a petal surface can itself be attractive, so look for the dynamic of any texture patterns too.

The use of shadow can be as interesting and powerful as that of light, so depth of field can be altered to bring added interest to your images.

However you are spending this period of lock-down at home, there should be something not too far away to look out for, and in fact it`s a good time to deliberately look for things that we would normally overlook.

Enjoy your photography, stay safe, and see you soon.