Lockdown continues (in Wales at least) – get those images sorted


It`s now the middle of June, well 17th June at the time of this post, and like MANY people i`m just hoping that we shall all have some freedom to travel around a bit more soon. The `5 mile` limit has at least given a little more freedom than before, with an opportunity to go to my local estuary and marsh again, but missing so much more. However I am so grateful still to all those `front line` workers who have helped keep our communities safe and running, and I won`t be going any further afield until our Government approves it.

This time last year I was well into two wildlife projects as well as other things – who would have guessed our current situation back then?

At this point in time, most businesses are preparing a strategy to re-open for the first time in three months, and wondering whether trade will pick up enough to cover costs. But how attractive does the business actually “look” online , and are there things letting it down?

Part of my photography work involves working on working for business clients, helping with their profile, and making sure any images are of the right resolution for their needs. For instance. some of the common examples I continue to see are:

    • images at incorrect pixel resolution
    • incorrect image dimensions
    • images are poor quality, possibly full of `noise`
    • photos that might be suitable for social media (such as instagram) might be unsuitable or unprofessional for their website
    • specific images might be well out of date, or with images of people who have left the firm or company, and these can be noticed by prospective customers or clients
    • silouetted image placeholders used when no staff photo has been taken.

I`ve mentioned a number of the above points before, as these are things I can sort for a business, but not surprisingly a look over a number of regional sites shows that the projection of a firm`s image – in many cases – are left wanting.

From top regional firms to smaller `High Street`ones, so many websites and business profiles need addressing urgently!


So how can I help?

Although the Coronavirus has put a lot of businesses into a period of almost `suspended animation`, prospective customers are still browsing the `net to check out where they might obtain services. If it looks poor, or is well out of date, you have probably just lost a customer.

I can arrange a business or personal shoot in advance, or agree a course of action you wish to take, and be ready to take things forward as soon as we`re all free to do so.

Contact me with your query here.

(See also the Corporate page)

If you would like to discuss things via video meeting, please drop me your contact details and preferred time to talk online, and I will do my best to accommodate.

Thank you.