Fungi photography

This is a great time of year to look out for various fungi, all shapes and sizes, often loving the damp wood and decaying leaves on the ground.

I had a good day recently spent specifically on photographing both fungi and leaves.  All sorts were found, including Inkcaps and Turkey tail, and it made a nice change being down in the undergrowth again!

I had been planning an Autumn photography session as another event this year, but as the most recent one had to be postponed, and the Coronavirus crisis still affecting us all, i`m unable to arrange any events for the foreseeable future.

If you have an opportunity of looking around `locally`, (making sure of course you remain fully compliant with social distancing etc), it`s worth getting out and about now (Oct – Nov time) to take best advantage of spotting healthy fungi. And, of course, be prepared to get a bit damp or muddy to get those low level shots!

Enjoy, but take care and stay safe.