The Dipper diaries

`The Dipper Diaries`


A current project I am doing at this time of semi-lockdown (still required to stay local) is to monitor and photograph wildlife on my local river, and specifically some Dipper which are currently setting up home.

The section of river the pair are using is typical Dipper territory, a hole in a bank under an old tree, and flowing clean fresh water over rocks and boulders. There is no competition from other birds, the only regular passers-by being Grey Wagtail.

I hope to start keeping video of their progress too – all from a safe distance of course – and the birds are already getting used to my presence.

Hoping that these birds will not be disturbed by either people or, in particular, dogs that pass through the area. Unfortunately nature and dogs don`t always mix, but so far so good.

Keep an eye on this blog area for news of how these are getting along. Hopefully, little `Dipperettes` in due course!!??


To be continued …..