whatever happened to …

Not so long ago I was asked by someone Whatever happened to the art work you used to do? Haven`t seen any for ages.

Well that`s true – 8 years in fact! – well apart from an exhibition of work at The Bridge, Llangennech a few years back. So now I think a quick or maybe a more lengthy explanation is due.

When I left mainstream work as a Practice Manager in the legal profession in 2013 I decided to slice up my time by taking forward the things I could do, namely photography, art (watercolour painting and life drawing), web design work plus utilising my career skills in practice management and admin. (See my Other work page).  I set out my own business plan,  gave myself a range of goals, became as self-sufficient as possible with all my admin and IT, redesigned the business cards, and went for it.

Like many people that leave a business profession, once you have gone `you have gone`, meaning the consequences are most of your business contacts and friends are suddenly silent (or silenced!), so it didn`t take long to realise there would be a regular and permanent need to continually readjust to things. Over the last 8 years my photography has obviously become the dominant area, but with increasing family caring commitments too it`s been a question of maximising time management.

So just to answer the question regarding my art work, setting aside time and space for this has suffered over time, to the point where it all remains packed away at the current time.  I had every intention to kick start things again last summer, with fresh paint bought to fire me up, but it`s all been on hold since – concentrating on the photography when time permits.


Having previously exhibited my watercolour in exhibitions in England and Wales, my last one was back in October 2015!! (I think it`s about time I arranged another, after Covid of course). My last physical watercolour painting was completed a few years ago, strangely enough one of my favourite ones too. This was The Reel Cinema in Kingsbridge, a tiny cinema up the hill of the High Street there.

Although I have a few watercolours hanging, most are packed up in layers of bubble wrap and stored around the house, including under my desk. I have sold originals, finding new homes somewhere, but I do actually long to get back to things.


Years ago, when my art was more dominant than photography, I used to do Life drawing on a regular basis too, which I found was an excellent way to capture and practice shape, tone and dynamics. Unfortunately over the last 8 years I haven`t been able to find the time and space (and privacy) to continue with this, so that went by the wayside. It was part of my plan to possibly get back to that, and also consider an option of a photo session with a life model for some Black & White shadow work, but i`ve also put that on hold.

So bringing things up to date, my photography has dominated the creative side of my time and skills if you like, and the art side – both painting and drawing – are currently on hold. I definately want to get back to things though, and will consider a new exhibition at the appropriate time.

Although my website is primarily for my photography services, I have kept the name russartworx as this was already known to people, and as i`ve explained elsewhere it had that pluralistic sound to it.

Maybe this year will be the year of getting back to watercolour painting, getting the charcoals out for life drawing, and maybe the planning of that next exhibition! Who knows .

Until then, stay safe.