Current tuition days


I am currently setting aside four dates in September and October for some Photography for Beginners sessions – as per my previous post – and for these dates I intend to used the WWT Llanelli site at Penclacwydd as a venue.


JUST TO CLARIFY, these tuition days are not affiliated to or organised by the WWT, but are private sessions with myself, using the location as an ideal site to restart with.

Whilst there, anyone who isn`t a member of the WWT can consider and takeout membership if they so wish, so that they can support the cause and have free entry into all the WWT centres for 12 months.  Over the years there have in fact been a number of people I have met and spent time with that have gone on to take out ongoing membership with the Trust.

Depending on the success of the event days, I might well be adding more dates going into the winter, possibly at alternative venues.

Book your place soon, as these will be very limited.