throw-over hide

Testing this out….




I recently bought a new portable Lenscoat throw-over hide and to be honest it does what I want it to do. It isn`t the waterproof version, which is the medium weight, which might seem odd coming from me, but there are reasons for that.

It`s contained within a large zipped pouch for portability. The folding-back in took a couple of goes to get it right, but now I don`t find it a problem.

I find the mesh screen fine for myself, as it does give you an element of peripheral vision, and I wouldn`t be turning too much anyway with the camera being on a fixed axis on the tripod with gimbal. When i`m working completely freehand I try not to move too much anyway, so the lack of rear vision isn`t an issue for me.

There is an option to unzip the mesh (for fresh air!) , but with the mesh being dark and slightly patterned it`s best kept in place to help camouflage and break up your outline.

The one downside of the hide however is that as you have to layout the hide flat to fold for re-storage. If the ground is damp or wet the hide itself would be folded up and packed wet, so it`s important to be able to ventilate and dry out the hide (unpacking it again) as soon as you`re able to. This would be the same for the medium weight waterproof hide too (which would still get wet and be packed away that way), so I don`t intend to be using the hide in wet conditions under normal circumstances, hence my decision to opt for the lightweight more portable version.

I bought this hide specifically for some projects i`ll be working on, but as it`s so portable, and provided it`s looked after and dried out thoroughly, it will become an essential part of the kit from now on.

There are various versions and suppliers out there, so take your time and decide what suits your own needs.