Corporate photography
Getting the image right


Creating the right professional image to your clients and potential new customers is something you`ll want to get right first time. It could be your building, internal decor and facilities, business products or even creating an `atmosphere` that will draw attention to your business or services. I also photograph more traditional buildings such as Churches.

Many businesses can easily have outdated or poor images, often a problem i`ve found on staff photos, with incorrect resolution or poor exposure.

First impressions can last, and sometimes be the last, as website visitors are only a click away from potentially moving on.

It may be you wish to project a warm and welcoming reception environment, with softer tones, or making a small business premises project airiness and natural light. This is where I like to find out and discuss what you hope to achieve, and advise the best way forward.

My photography has been used for various marketing – including magazines features, corporate banners and business websites; and arrangements agreed for images to be used without time-restriction.

There can often be a numbers of restraints on `image use` with corporate photography, but my view is to always agree with the client what and how images can be used without constraining licences of use.

My main aim is to give an honest and fresh approach, understanding what the client wants or needs, which I hope will continue to build long-term business relationships.



Staff photography

 Your staff are one of your greatest assets, and after the investment of acquiring and training the best staff for your business, it is – to me – essential that they project the right professional image for your business.


Whilst cameras on tablets and phones have their place, so often a `quick photo` looks exactly that.

If the brief is for black and white, a certain apparent size on your site or any other specific instructions, the correct resolution and actual image size is vital.

I take time to understand what the client is wanting to project, and any special arrangements, and often ensure that the client could also have high-resolution versions for additional marketing and press features.

The actual requirements of the client could be unique or straight forward, but the best and only way is to thoroughly understand and help achieve the clients` brief.

As always, the best way is for me to discuss the requirements both with the photography and rights of use you require.


Your business events and products:

I am able to cover your business events and product photography, again understanding and discussing your requirements, and producing an end product that hopefully will project the professional images you want to present to your client audience.

The first stage to all this is to get in touch! Understanding “the brief” – what your requirements are – are so important to forging a good business relationship and a satisfactory outcome.



Please use the contact form to let me know of your initial requirements, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

During this time of concern with COVID-19 in particular, if you would then like me to arrange a video conference call using Skype or Zoom, I would be pleased to arrange that for a mutually convenient time.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you



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