FEEDBACK – some of your views and comments


I have been fortunate enough to have received positive feedback from all over the world, including Australia, Sweden, USA, Brazil, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka, France, Holland, India, and of course from across the UK.

Below are a selection of some of the genuine feedback, twitter comments and email messages I have received from people over the last few years. I really appreciate that people have taken the time to let me know their view on my work.

Please get in touch if you would like me to work with you, either on business projects or even personal photography, I would be glad to hear from you.


Thank you


“Excellent photography” – (DK, Neath)


“Nice one Russ” – (PP, South Wales)


“Superb shots” – (BB, Llanelli)


“Great photos from Skomer!” – (WWBIC – West Wales)


“Superb” – (MJ – Hendy)


“Amazing photo” – (LC – South Wales)


“Fantastic picture” – (RT – Bwlchgwyn, Wales)


“Amazing” – (MZ – USA)


“Beautiful” – (RB, Holland – May 2021)


“Cracking shot Russ” – (CD – West Wales – April 2021)


“Glorious shot!” – (JTP., Swansea – April 2021)


“Heaven – those clouds are amazing!” – (Ruth ITV – Cardiff – April 2021)


“Stunning” – (Mike Doyle – Wales – April 2021)


“Love this!” – (EH – Noord , Holland – April 2021)


“Awesome shot” –  (J, Pembs, Wales)


“Such a lovely photo Russ.” – (RB, Carms)


” … @RussMyners
follow this account for uplifting photos” – (GJ – Llanelli)


” Wow, beautiful colours ……. thanks for sharing, ” – (AH – Burry Port, South Wales)


“Beautiful photo, Russ (as always!)” – (WWT Llanelli, Penclacwydd)


“Great shot!” – (CO, North Wales)


“Russ these are such beautiful pics… thank you! ” – (RD, ITV Wales)


“Looks lovely Russ” – (RM – Swansea)


“An absolute wow! Awesome pic” – (RD, ITV Wales)


“You’ve just been on BBC Wales Today with this. :-)” – (RR, Cardiff)


“Absolutely stunning Russ!” – (Redkite Solrs, Carmarthen – re. watercolour painting of Long Eared Owl)


“Great work. Love it” – (Long Eared Owl network,)


“Stunning” – (RW, ITV Wales)


“This is stunning!” – (B, BBC Wales Weather presenter)


“Love the website … ” – (ML, Perth, Western Australia)


“Moody!!” – (MJ, Llanelli)


“Aw! An amazing shot!” – (JW, Cardiff, Wales)


“I love it when your work brightens my Twitter feed, sooo talented!” – (SR, Cardiff)


“i love this! ” – (RW, ITV Wales)


“Nice one Russ” – (MJ, Llanelli)


“Stunning!” – (TV, Hengoed)


“Fab photo Russ!” – (RSPB, Beds, England)


“What a stunning photo ” – (Dr.BB, WWT Llanelli)


“What a beautiful photo” – (RSPB, Beds, England)


“Magnifique !” – (LP, France)


“Thanks for a brilliant day, I really enjoyed it! Will be practicing soon around and about WWT Llanelli. Let’s hope the weather improves! Look forward to the next course 🙂” – (CJ, Swansea)


“Excellent” – (MP, India)


“Thanks for an amazing day finally putting my camera on to manual. Really pleased with the results! …………  can’t wait for the next course 😊” – (JP, Llanelli)


“Stunning Russ” – (RM, Wales)


“Fantastic!” – (BR, India)


“Beautiful photo” – (MM, France)


“Great shot Russ” – (JT, Llanelli)


“Beautiful shot” – (RW, Cardiff)


“Your photography is amazing. Absolutely in awe of them!” – (SH, Llanelli)


“Beautiful kingfisher – (MM – France)


“Very elegant indeed!” – (the National Trust)


“Great photo!” – (MH, Northen Ireland)


“Great shot!” – (DT, Totton, England)


“Just beautiful” – (HC, England)


“Lovely” – (CH, aviation photographer , Lincs, England)


“Gorgeous” – (BR, Mumbai)


“Your photography is fantastic – truly wonderful”. – (NM, South Wales)


“Très beau!” – (LP, France)


“Oh Russ!! This is beautiful!”  – (RW, Cardiff, Wales)


“I have to say that I love your pictures, they’re exceptional! Keep up the good work.” – (MP, Sweden (via LinkedIn))


“Fantastic photo!” – (MD, Llanelli)


“such a beautiful picture Russ… .really stunning” – (RW, ITV Wales)


” Beautiful!” – (Wildstars TV, Hongkong)


” Beautiful photo!” – (The National Trust, UK)


“Hi Russ. Many thanks – Really appreciated” (PM, Neath, South Wales)


“Good skills Russ. Very good” – (RC, Barry, South Wales)


“Beautiful image!” – (RSPB, Beds. England)


“Loving this image” – (GE, North Wales)


“Beautiful” – (K, South Wales)


“This is such an awesome picture!” –  (RW, ITV Wales)


“Fantastic picture!” – (AT, SE England)


“Awesome pic!” – (CP, Sennybridge, Wales)


“Bravo Russ on your BBC weather pic ….. I expect your waterproofs were tested to the limit!” – (AH, Caerphilly, South Wales)


“I’m guessing that was your spectacular picture on the news! Wow!” – (JW, Swansea)


“Very impressive…” – (JH, Pontardawe)


“Beautiful capture” – (AP, Shropshire, England)


“Stunner of a shot!” – (RW, Cardiff)


“That`s stunning” – (LS, England)


“Awesome picture!” – (JW, Llangennech)


“Stunning photo Russ!” – (AC – England)


“Beautiful photos, Russ, really captures the season :)” – (The National Trust, UK)


“Excellent capture!” – (RS, Norway)


“Beautiful!” – (MH, Hastings, England)


“The new [Greenfield] website is great!” – (TM – South Wales UK)


“Absolutely stunning” – (DJ, Llanelli)


“Gorgeous image Russ!” – (WWT Worldwide, UK)


“Absolutely exquisite Russ” – (L, England)


“Perfect ……. absolutely perfect!” – (RW, ITV Wales)

“Brilliant. Thanks Russ” – (PM, South Wales)


“What a shot! Wonderful” – (TN, Chelmsford, England)


“Wow!” – (Forest Tracker, Lyndhurst, England)


“Checked out your website …….  very professional and the photos are cracking.” – (LO, South Wales)


“Amazing shot! Love it” – (RR . Michigan, USA)


“What a striking image!” – (RSPB Birders, UK)


“Outstanding Russ!” – (iNatureUK, UK)


“Excellent – really appreciate your work on this Russ!” – (JW, Swansea)


“That is stunningly beautiful. Light, focus, everything. Thanks for sharing” – (NK, Tübingen, Germany)


“Wow! How majestic!” – (LO, Scottish Borders)


“Such a beautiful picture Russ!” – (WWT, Llanelli)


“Thank you for your support and help , really appreciated.” – (PM, South Wales)


“Absolutely stunning photograph Russ” – (RB, Carmarthen)


“Stunning image” – (GL, Huddersfield, England)


“Wow Russ… absolutely spectacular… ” – (RW, ITV Wales, Cardiff)


“fabulous photo Russ” – (CS, England)


“very nice!” – (MH, Hastings, England)


“what a stunner of a shot” – (RW, Cardiff)


“Great shot” –  (RS, Norway)


“stunning stuff Russ!!” – (The Bridge, Llangennech)


“Stunning photograph!” – (Red Kite Law – Pembs)


“Amazing shot!” – (SP, Newport, Wales)


“Russ this is so beautiful… such detail.” – (RW, Cardiff)


“Lovely photo.” –  (N, Reading, England)


“Awesome pic” – (R, Cardiff)


“amazing shot” – (BJ, England)


“Fantastic shot, and love the background” – (DD, South Wales)


“cracking photo here mate! … ” – (LA, Film Director,South Wales)


“absolutely spectacular picture Russ!” – (RW, ITV Wales)


“Beautiful picture Russ!” – (KR, Cardiff / Port Talbot)


“How exquisite” – (SOW – Kidwelly, S.Wales)


” … Well I think it’s wonderful and I’ve used it on Wales at Six ….” – (KR, ITV Wales, Cardiff)


“Stunning! @RussMyners” – (NJ – Swansea)


“Absolutely stunning pic!” – (R – Cardiff)


“Well shot Russ” – (SL- South Wales)


“Wow!!” – (RW, Cardiff, S.Wales)


“Beautiful photos!” – (BB, East Coast, USA)


“Stunning!” – (FOT, Belfast, N.Ireland)


“Amazing Russ!” – (DR, Swansea, South Wales)


“perfect pic! Love this Russ! ” (RW, ITV Wales weather)


“Beautiful picture Russ!” (KR, ITVWales)


“Stunning!” (The Bridge, Llangennech)


“Words escape me on this beautiful capture” – (DS photography, UK)


“Most impressive” (BBC Wildlife Magazine -UK)


“Brilliant airshow photographs!” – (PM, Neath, S.Wales)


“Wow Russ, that`s fantastic!” – (KM, Newport)


“You are some kind of wizard aren`t you??!!” (CF, Wales)


“Quite astonishing set of pictures – most impressive.” (MF – South Wales)


“Blinkin’ Good.” – (RC,  Barry, S.Wales)


“Absolutely stunning!!!” (BK – Gambia, West Africa)


“Russ, Amazing pictures as always!” – (DW – Midlands, UK)


“I happened to stumble across your website. Had been going through it. I must say I really liked your work. The photography is especially AWESOME. Keep up the good work!!” (JP – INDIA)


“Good stuff Russ……..that lens is better than I thought, or is it the craftsman behind the lens?” (RC – Wales)


“Amazing capture.” (RSPB Cymru, Wales)


“Awesome! thanks Russ” – (Peter, Midlands UK)


“Brilliant shot” (CB – Vancouver, Canada)


“Hi Russ,
Many thanks for your mail and for exhibiting with us……a great deal of interest was attracted and the Exhibition proved to be popular in the town” – (JG – Weymouth, Dorset)


“When I see some of the beauty here I wish I had your skills to capture the moment” – (SH, Sri Lanka)


“We have been meaning to email you just to say how truly happy we are with our pictures and they everything we hoped for and more. The large picture has brought so much warmth into our lounge and I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of looking at it. We’ve already been showing it off too everyone and they love it too so don’t be surprised if you get more orders. Take care Russ. Thanks once again ” – (JLW – Llanelli)



These are just some of the messages I have received, and I am grateful to everyone who has corresponded in some shape or form over the last few years.

Keep them coming – all appreciated!




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