going forward in 2021

Let`s go forward together ……..


It`s been a rough past year. Tough on business for many, and tinged by personal sadness, including bereavement for some. I know personally what that is like.

Coming out of lockdown, it`s time to take a fresh look at how your business can look and be perceived against a competitor. Perhaps it`s almost time to `take-stock` on your visual branding altogether, and whether your website imaging could do with updating and refreshing.

I`m never keen on all terminology like `reaching-out` or `touching-base` etc, but I felt it was time to generally get in touch send out a message to say that I am still here to help with your business and personal / staff photography, along with helping with outsourced website work and assistance with practice management and project work.

It`s been a long Covid year, with cancelled projects for many people, and still uncertainty as to the future. However, as we all move forward, NOW can be the time to do something about it.


Here are some things to think about:
      • does your website branding send out a powerful signal to attract the eye and keep a potential client`s attention?
      • are you reliant on typical `stock images` rather than something more personal to your business?
      • are your staff images up to date and at the correct resolution?
      • do you have gaps in your staff portfolio area – often represented by placeholder silhouettes or similar – that can (and do) send out a signal of being unprofessional?
      • Is the website kept up to date or sorted out quickly if there are problems?

These are just a few things that I notice regularly, but can be off-putting to potential clients if left unaddressed.

While almost everybody has access to and uses a mobile or tablet to take general pictures, which can be fine for social media, there are times when a more professional approach is required, in particular when making sure you final images are uploaded and displayed at the correct resolution. Photo editing should also ensure that correct resolution images are available for additional use, such as business magazine printing, corporate branding etc.

For portraiture, I have a mobile umbrella lighting setup available if required for staff photo sessions, using speedlights and wireless trigger, or can use natural light for more personal tones.


Are things getting done?

With this last `lockdown year` being so difficult for so many, it`s not surprising a number of things might have been put on hold. But how long can it go on without things being off-putting to a client?

During the lockdown period i have regularly been looking around for professional services for myself, and noted that at least 80-85% of businesses i`ve viewed for information project themselves in ways i`ve mentioned above. These include websites way out of date, `Meet the Team` images missing from profiles, purchased `stock` photos almost identical to those of competitors, black & white images used when it looks out of place, even websites being offline for many months.

I might well be able to help with specific project or management matters that, for whatever reason, are not being done or taken forward. With experience covering 18 years in the Court service and 17 years as a Practice Manager in private practice, it`s possible that I might be able to deal with issues this year that just aren`t being dealt with. I would be happy to discuss by Zoom / Skype video call, or be pleased to receive your enquiry (which would be dealt with in strict confidence).


One to one / small group tuition:

Unfortunately during lockdown I had to cancel a couple of `Photography for beginners` events due to the restrictions in place. I am now hoping to plan something for small groups in 2021 and 2022.

To help establish renewed interest, I have put together a short survey for anyone who might be interested to complete. Go to the survey HERE >>

Thank you.




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