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Kingfisher prints:

The following Kingfisher prints are available to order online. These are prints only (unmounted or framed). Additional prints will be available to order shortly.

Once you have selected `Add to Cart` for your chosen prints, proceed to the Checkout (which will appear at the base of the page) to complete the order and alter any quantity accordingly.

Prices are inclusive of shipping to UK only.

If you require specialist print finishes, or are purchasing outside of the UK, please contact me separately as additional charges would apply. Prices are GBP Sterling.

Thank you.

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Image #7565)

Taken at the National Wetland Centre for Wales. Following a few successful dives, this Kingfisher took time to preen and restore the condition of it`s feathers.


A4 print @ £35

A3 print @ £45



Image #6996

Kingfisher perched, watching for movement below the surface.

Taken at WWT Llanelli.

A4 print @ £35

A3 print @ £45





Kingfisher with fresh catch.

The expression on the face of this fish says it all – it`s minutes were numbers.

A4 print @ £35

A3 print @ £45

Image #6551

Male Kingfisher, poised upright while calling.

Photographed in South Wales.

A4 print @ £35

A3 print @ £45


Image#6941 HD-SD

Kingfisher with lunch. The final moments.

A4 print @ £35

A3 print @ £45



(All thumbnail images are representative only)



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