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Other freelance work:

Away from my photography, there are a few other “hats” I continue to wear! These follow on from both my past career skills and experience as a Practice Manager, and those as a Watercolour artist, web designer and nature lover. There probably a few other things thrown in too. So without further ado, here is some information about my other work that I am able on offer or work for on a freelance basis.


Digital retouching:

Sometimes people come across old photos that have not stood the test of time, having blemishes, scratches or actual damage to the print.

Although there are occasions when things might have gone too far, I am normally able create better quality cleaned-up images from originals from most photos. This could be on a digital image itself, where maybe lens marks or dust have spoilt the image, or by high-resolution scanning of the original prints and working on those images.

It must be said that some photos or digital images might be `beyond repair`, but the likelihood is that most could be improved and restored to a more acceptable quality.

Please complete the contact form or email me with your initial enquiry, indicating what damage to the image you are looking to have resolved, and I will get back to you in due course. Cleaned images could eventually be supplied via CD/DVD, USB flash drive, or even Dropbox.


Practice Management:

With a previous career background in both admin and management covering 18 yrs in the civil service and then 17 yrs in private practice, I was able to gain significant experience across a range of fields. These included contracting, tendering, facilities, HR, appraisals, financial reporting, business planning, marketing, disaster recovery planning, intranet documentation – in fact, quite a broad range.

Along this journey I developed a range of skills in Excel, Access, Dreamweaver amongst other things, and streamlined systems on central record reviews, H & S, risk assessments, interviewing, often introducing new ideas. Some examples included autorun CD brochures, some `early` central diary listing systems, dynamic forms, pre-quality audit checklist systems and an early CMS docs system on HIPS packs for clients.

With my management background I have been able to assist small businesses with ad-hoc work, suitable for outsourcing, and hopefully turning things around quickly and efficiently.



As well as a photographer I am also a contemporary watercolour artist, having first taken up painting in 2005. This is how the russartworx name came about, having a pluralistic sound when I wanted to brand myself across various things I could do.

Over the last few years I have exhibited work in Wales and England, and have provided limited Prints to order. Alongside this, I have provided reduced digital images of some paintings for marketing or display purposes (with an agreement for use of course).

Painting prints, framed to match or compliment office decor, can brighten up the workplace, conference rooms or home. Occasionally I will offer an original for sale.

While `learning my craft` in watercolour,  I also used to sketch out Life drawing in both charcoal and pencil from A5 to A2, excellent practice for perspective, proportion and tone.  Over the years I used both male and female models, but I do not carry out life drawing at the present time.

Although this is my photography site, some of my painting prints may be available for sale through this site in due course. Watch this space as they say!!

Please get in touch with any enquiry.


Web design / social media:

It`s really important to have a front line presence and, of course, keeping it reasonably up to date. Out of date pages or details, or incomplete profiles, can send out unprofessional signals. To overcome that, I am able to offer assistance with both webdesign and social media updates.

What is interesting is that I regularly carry out checks across a number of small business sites and social media, and it is surprising just how many have news or blog topics that might be many months out of date, profiles that lack information, or links that go nowhere. As businesses can be busy – and therefore “too busy” to keep their internet presence up to date – I can help with your outsourced work.

Naturally terms and conditions would apply, but sometimes it is better to outsource work to get it done rather than not being dealt with at all.

I first carried out basic web design in Hotmetal and Frontpage (many years ago!), but since then have used Dreamweaver, Joomla and now WordPress.



Nature (with photography) walks:

With a life-long love of nature, and additional experience as an outdoor Reserve volunteer with the WWT, I am able to offer an arrangement to act as a guide on private or event walks. This could include helping identify bird calls and songs, or if required help with some photography along the way.

Based in South Wales, I have been fortunate to been able to work on a couple of nature events organised by the Woodland Trust, and also help (on a voluntary basis) with annual dawn chorus walks and evening high-tide watches with the Wetlands Trust.

A number of companies and businesses these days are looking at ways to help with team building, and sometimes individual people would really like to know a bit more about what they see and hear.

I can arrange fixed events, I may be able to assist with any private `team building` or general nature (photography) walk you think you might like to try.


For private one-to-one or group interest, please contact me with your enquiry.


If I can help you or your business with any of the above, please get in touch via the Contact page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. *


Thank you




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