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some general terms and conditions / restrictions:

Many who know me realise that I do a lot of work on trust, and try my best to give a high standard of service at all times. However, there is always a chance that at some stage a misunderstanding could arise, or that I find an agreement hasn`t been honoured.

Whilst every effort would be made to avoid such problems, I have set out some general guidelines on my “dos and don`ts” to help clarify the way I work. This of course isn`t an “exhaustive list”, just some background that I hope will help build trust and forge long-term relationships.


general photography and other work:

I will try and clarify from the start whether or not I am able to accept a photography project, but there are some areas of work I will NOT accept or get involved in. Some examples are / could be:


  • anything that I deem to be politically or socially unacceptable;
  • anything infringing privacy without agreement;
  • a conflict of interest;
  • anything involving children without the consent of the parent or guardian (* a release form or email consent would be required – see below);
  • any instructions from a minor;
  • photography deemed as offensive, including pornography (nb: NOT to be confused with artistic model work, which might be carried out with an appropriate model release agreement* – see below);
  • work or assignments where payment might be unlikely;
  • any business site specific work where I am unable to complete my own risk assessment;
  • any photography project or assignment that might be seen as potentially dangerous or an unnecessary risk to myself or others;
  • any work that I feel or potentially feel as “morally wrong” (I reserve the right to decline);
  • work requests where the timing or situation may clash or potentially clash with another project.

These are just some examples of areas of photography I would not get involved in, but if you have any questions please let me know. Likewise, these general guidelines also relate to the acceptance of and involvement in other work I might be asked to carry out.  I reserve the right simply to decline or withdraw from an instruction if I feel it is right to do so.


* release forms:

Whilst I am happy to accept enquiries and to carry out photography involving children, a release form may need to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian to give me permission to photograph the child or children. This would ensure I have an agreement  from an appropriate adult to carry out the photography, alongside the actual agreement of the charges, number of images, etc and copyright.

A completed release form would also be required for model photography, giving me permission to take and edit the images, together with the agreement regarding charges, number of final edited images, copyright, etc. Whilst artistic photography may be considered and likely to be acceptable, pornographic or potentially obscene work will be declined immediately. There is a difference! A release form makes things clear, and gives me the permission to proceed.



I hold copyright on all my images, and none of my photography may be used or copied elsewhere or modified without my permission. Copyright on any photoshoot or project work – such as marketing materials – will be released for client use on agreement, and will be clarified on an individual basis.


general charges and invoicing:

Where I have carried out work, with the project either completed or still to be finished (but significant work carried out), I reserve the right to Invoice for my charges inclusive of disbursements (ie fixed costs that have or may be incurred).  As I may carry out a range of work other than specific photography, such as website design,  organised walks, exhibitions, etc., I reserve the right to Invoice for costs where I may normally have to wait some time to complete a project to a client`s final satisfaction. This of course may be a discretionary case-by-case approach, but I would hope would always be dealt with fairly.


print ordering:

Where prints for sale have been ordered via the website, I will aim to process the order at the earliest opportunity. However this may not be `immediately` – I can often be out and on location! Your order will be sorted as soon as practicably possible.


None of the above is of course meant to be formal contractual wording but a guideline, and I hope will set out an element of my general approach to my work, and what would be seen as being required from both me and the client.

Please contact me with any query.





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